The Facial Proposal

The Facial Proposal

Lance is madly in love with Ashl3y F1r3s. He can’t imagine life without her, but he also always wanted 2 cum on her face. So he buys her a ring n proposes 2 her, on the condition that she lets him cum all over her face.

Ashley is surprises, and comes back with an even more surprising solution. She tells Lance that if she can make him come on his own face, she will take all the facials he can give her, and his hand in marriage.

Lance is reluctant, but love makes u do crazy shit, so he flips on his back and Ashley starts sucking n stroking his cock. She knows just how 2 make him cum. She teases him with her perfect ass, strokes his cock with both hands n talks dirty until he is right on the edge of cumming.

Lance is still reluctant and is trying 2 hold back from cumming, but he is powerless over her, and she milks his load out all over the place. His misses his face with most of the load, so she mops it up with her fingers, licks it up n spits it in his mouth n makes him lick her fingers clean.

She laughs in his face and humiliates him 4 eating his own cum, then tells him she will never marry a man who eats his own cum and leaves him humiliated n naked on th3 fl00r.

Keywords: Femdom, Humiliation, Teasing

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