The Human Couch

The Human Couch

We decide 2 put the cushion-slave to better use. By making it get up on all fours BACKWARDS and use it as more than a cushion- it is going 2 now bend over backwards (literally!) 2 be used as a COUCH by BOTH of us! Being a chair was still just being too easy on it.
And of course as a COUCH, it should be able to support BOTH of us, right?? No matter HOW long we want 2 sit there n watch TV!

Eventually we decide to KICK IT IN THE BALLS EVERY TIME IT MAKES US FALL DOWN! Which is alot. LOL But slaves need 2 be taught how to OBEY COMMANDS!

Keywords: Facesitting, Jeans, Humiliation, Human Furniture, Ballbusting, Young Mistress

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