The Mean Girls – Ashleys First Foot Slave (1080 HD) – Chanel, Ashley

The Mean Girls - Ashleys First Foot Slave (1080 HD) - Chanel, Ashley

I couldn’t WAIT to bring Ashley by MeGM and show her how much FUN it is to walk all over the losers there – and how they have to do WHATEVER we say! (Even though were only like 19 LOL.) Me n her work together as waitresses so we are like SO over waiting on other people and it is SO much fun to be able to boss other people around for a change! And besides, like we were talking about on the ride to The Manor – were fucking HOT. So people SHOULD bow down and kiss our fucking feet if we tell them to!

And so that is exactly what I showed Ashley. I had some help from Princess Beverly and she is running the camera on this video. We made this idiot loser SLAVE at MMG literally bow down and kiss our feet!!! It was Ashley’s 1st time. (And only my second) So she was like totally blown away when this piece of sh*tt like instantly dropped to the floor and started groveling at our huge size ten feet on my command. It was fucking awesome…

And I even explained to her that it is like perfectly ok to totally “LOL” n mock them right to their faces or whatever for doing this because they STILL have to do whatever we say – no matter how bad we treat them. She fucking loved it and we can’t wait to come back! And these losers better BOW DOWN to the “Twin Towers” of Blonde Perfection as soon as we walk through the front door next time too! Haha.

Princess Chanel

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