The Mean Girls – Ballbusting Leg Workout (1080 HD)

The Mean Girls - Ballbusting Leg Workout (1080 HD)

So I was at the gym and because I’m so hot basically all the guys were staring at me and wouldn’t leave me alone. I was so pissed that I left the gym 2 go back to MGM and not only finish my leg workout, but also take out some of my “men frustrations” on a stupid slave at the same time!

When I come walking in – there is my slave where I commanded him to be – laying face up in front of the couch. I chain him to the legs of the couch n strap his legs into the legspreader so he is COMPLETELY HELPLESS – and also in perfect position for me to use his BALLS as a workout tool for my legs! :) I stand between his legs n slowly raise my leg up behind me, really fleeexing that hamstring…and then SLAM my foot down into his exposed balls to work my incredibly strong quads! (How do you think I got these massive, sexy thighs??) ;) The poor slave is in such pain after just one “rep”! But he is absolutely distrought when I casually announce to him that I plan on doing three sets of ten reps – for each leg! Haha.

Toward the end I even through in some nice BALL STOMPS to work my glutes! LOL. Poor slave is in absolute agony as I slam the soles of my tennis shoes down onto his vulnerable, exposed balls. But I LOVE it! It makes for SUCH an amazing – and FUN – workout! (For ME anyways…I don’t really care if its fun for the stupid slave. It was made to suffer, so it’s basically just serving its purpose, in my opinion. And the best part is, no guys ogling me or making comments except “thank u, Princess Carmela!”

BTW, this loser came to AMG and paid me $200 to be in this clip. All of you that want to send us “ideas” for clips should take a lesson from him! Come here, pay me, and be in the clip yourself! Don’t just write in and think we will do whatever u say just coz you “suggest” it to us!

Princess Carmela

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