The Mean Girls – Battle Of The Ballbusting Lightweights (1080 HD)

The Mean Girls - Battle Of The Ballbusting Lightweights (1080 HD)

Ok, so we had two fairly new slaves over to MMG. (For the one loser it was his first time EVER being invited to serve us!) They are both just SOOO desperate to please us – LOL. We love that. Take notes, all you other slaves. These slaves didn’t say “I want” – they said “What do U want, Princess”!! :)

So me and Brooke decided to ballbust them. (Even though neither of them is “into” ballbusting – we don’t care!!) This is about OUR entertainment, not what they “want”! And a true slave only want to SERVE and PLEASE its MASTERS!) So these losers obediently stand their with their legs spread for us! Haha!

Now, for full disclosure – this clip is NOT very long because these slaves could NOT take very much at ALL. (Like seriously, it is probably only like five or six kicks in total, and the rest of the time these pathetic losers are rolling around on the floor at our feet in agony.) Those few kicks were really GOOD – but these losers just can’t take it. For both of them it was their 1st time EVER being used as ball-kicking slaves. Oh, and the fucking legspreaders we were using broke too. (Ugh!) SO we kinda think this clip totally sucks, but maybe you guys will want to see what its like for 1st-timers that can’t take it? Like seriously, ONE kick to the nuts on the one loser like totally floors him for almost the entire clip LOL.

But like any other slave – these ones just need more “training”. (And we need new leg-spreader bars!) :/

*Do NOT buy this clip if you wanna see slaves that take a lot of kicks! It is almost an “outtake” type video, honestly. Because most of the time we`re just mocking them n talking to Cindi and Bella behind the camera just laughing about how pathetic these losers are.*

Princess Beverly

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