The Mean Girls – Burning You Is More Fun (1080 HD) – Goddess Raven

The Mean Girls - Burning You Is More Fun (1080 HD) - Goddess Raven

So i am just taking a smoke break after shooting and I have one of the old house slaves serving as my personal human ashtray. I get bored real easily… and decided to make things more interesting. So as I smoke, I have fun burning this loser’s chest n nipples with my cigarette. Haha!

At one point halfway through the clip I decide that I may want to trample his ass later too, so I pick out just the right spots on its chest to burn. I plan on stepping on those same exact burn marks later with my heels. So now it will hurt even more when I do it! It’s like I am creating my own sadistic ‘twister” game for later using this slave’s ugly body! Haha!

And just to add insult to injury, I keep making him RE-LIGHT my cigarette for me because it keeps going out from me burning him with it!

When I was watching this later my fav part is the way I just spit right in the loser’s face while I am burning him – like he is NOTHING. Because I’ve got news for u – slaves ARE nothing to me!! I even make him eat the butt when I am done with my cigarette. he almost puuukes!! LOL! Sooo funny!!

Goddess Raven

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Miami, Goddess Raven, Raven, Smoking, Cigarette, Smoke, Human Ashtray, Humiliation, Human Furniture, Fire Play, Smoke Fetish

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