The Mean Girls – Casual Cruel Conversation (1080 HD) – Kendall, Adrianna

The Mean Girls - Casual Cruel Conversation (1080 HD) - Kendall, Adrianna

Kendall and her friend Adrianna are walking through an alley trying to use their cell phones. Cell reception is TERRIBLE here! They come across a slave gagged and handcuffed to the ground- it is a “cell reception slave-mat”! They are in places in certain areas of big cities now, and all you have to do is simply stand on it and your cell reception is MUCH better! Kendall explains to Adrianna that It has something to do with special antennas shoved into the slave’s mouth and rectum or something. And they work much better when you`re wearing heels because the vibrations from their muffled screams actually power the antenna internally! You can even stomp down on it for even more increased reception – the more pain the slave is in, the better the reception! Its awesome.

So Kendall n Adrianna just step up and stand on the slave in their stilettos and start casually texting away… Luckily, Kendall is wearing her needle-thin Louboutin stilettos, so her reception should be great!

*(Clip shot with 2 cameras- one close-up and one full-view. Kendall’s heels reeaally sink deep into the slave and he is really suffering..)

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, The Mean Girls, Trampling, Jumping, Miami, High Heels, Shoe Fetish, Trample, Bondage, Princess Kendall, Princess Adrianna, Adrianna, Kendall

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6 min

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