The Mean Girls – Love Letters From Losers Are Gross (1080 HD) – Superior Goddess Brooke

The Mean Girls - Love Letters From Losers Are Gross (1080 HD) - Superior Goddess Brooke

This was SO funny. One of the fat, ugly loser house slaves that serves me at MGM (I don’t even know its name) approached me while I was sitting on the Mean Girl throne n begged permission to speak. Can you believe this fat slob had the AUDACITY to profess his “love” for me!I fucking LAUGH IN HIS FACE. I literally make him look me right in the eyes so I can stare directly into his poor, pathetic soul as I tell him he REPULSES me!

I can’t believe that this asshole actually thought that it could be anything more to me than a SLAVE. I tell him that there are BUGGS that I STEP on that mean more to me than he does! I tell him that he is fucking LUCKY just to be a SLAVE for a woman as hot as ME!! Well trust me, after this experience – it will never get any “ideas” like this again LOL.

It really does amaze me that I could treat someone THIS badly day-in and day-out and yet it STILL falls completely in love with me. I mean, I know I am HOT n all, but…seriously? Men are so pathetic. And honestly, this happens to us all the time. We treat these asshole`s like absolute SH1!TT and yet they STILL fall in love with us! HAHAHAH!!!! We think it’s fucking hilarious.

You need to watch this video to see how truly emotionally cruel I can be. We beat this fat fuck all the time but I think THIS was the most painful thing he has ever experienced! LOL

Superior Goddess Brooke

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