The Pain Slave Welcome at MGM

The Pain Slave Welcome at MGM

Welcome slave, u have finally arrived here at Mean Girl Man0r- after all those months n years of just fantasizing about it. Here is your mask n oh yea here is your metal locking chastity cage 4 that pathetic slave cock! LOL! (Oh, u didnt know that was part of the deal? Too bad. Lock it on, bitch.) Now kiss our feet as Princess Beverly and I prepare 2 throw u in the cage while we finish getting ready, Its hard work laying out all the plans we have 4 abusing u so we`re off 2 get a drink while u get a nice painful boner in that chastity device! Oh and if u dont take enough pain 4 us today we`re KEEPING u in that cage n sending u back 2 whatever country u came here from! I hope u dont mind setting off the metal detectors on your flight! LOL! I`m keeping your chastity cage key around my anklet the whole time just 2 make u strain n get turned on by that key dangling right in front of u face as we abuse u 4 our clips!

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Chastity, Humiliation, Femdom, Female Domination, Dommes Worship, Young Mistress

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7 min

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