The Queens Foot Slave Throne

The Queens Foot Slave Throne

My young footslave has been locked up underneath my throne 4 I dont even know how long now. (And honestly, I dont even care LOL.) I love that I can have a young boyy like this simply chained to my throne (face-up, of course!) so that I can just shove my foot into its mouth whenever I feel like it. So empowering. This footslave is only 21 years old (and lets just say thats quite a bit younger than me!) but I mock it 4 getting too old and I may want to trade it in 4 a younger model! Haha. It goes absolutely insane at the idea of me getting rid of it. So pathetic.

Who could possibly be SO pathetic that it would actually BEG 2 be kept in this situation? Where an uncaring woman like me just uses your face as nothing more than a footstool n even mocks u 2 your face as she shoves her sweaty foot down your throat? Well, are there any YOUNGER takers of that kind of life out there? LOL! (Seriously – I actually talk into the camera at the end of this video soliciting volunteers 2 be used as my new throne footslave! ) Are u just recently graduated high school? Are u in decent shape? Do u want 2 dedicate your life to serving MY feet?? Haha ok then, write in loser! I am looking 4 one that just turned 18!

Queen Kasey

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