The Queens Royal Ashtray (1080 HD)

The Queens Royal Ashtray (1080 HD)

So YOU want to be my new human royal ashtray, huh? Well lets see how you do. You do know that the last one dyed of canver and had to be buried in the backyard, dont you? And u still want to volunteer your life to swallowing my ashes n cigarette butts day in and day out? Inhaling my secondhand smoke? So pathetic, but ok. Gawd, you losers never cease to amaze me. But you DO make good fertilizer for my garden when you finally do kick the bucket. Then I just replace you. So sad, really (4 U!)Ok, open up, loser! OooohhI love the sound of those ashes SIZZLING on your tongue! Haha how it entertains me to see you subhuman freaks suffering n voluntarily submitting to an early demise just to serve me Oh, and Im smoking TWO cigarettes back-to-back, slave- just to test your resolve and usefulness as my royal ashtray! And you better swallow BOTH of my butts!

Queen Kasey

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Human Ashtray, Smoking, POV, Fetish, Smoking Fetish, Queen Kasey, Human Furniture, Executrix

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11 min

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