The Queen’s Ashtray (1080 HD)

The Queens Royal Ashtray (1080 HD)

So U want to be my new human royal ashtray, huh? Well lets see how u do. U do know that the last one dyed of canver n had to be buried in the backyard, dont u? And u still want to volunteer your life to swallowing my ashes n cigarette butts day in n day out? Inhaling my secondhand smoke? So pathetic. But ok. Gawd, u losers never cease 2 amaze me. But u DO make good fertilizer 4 my garden when you finally do kick the bucket. Then I just replace you. So sad, really(4 U!)Ok, open up, loser! OooohhI love the sound of those ashes SIZZLING on your tongue! Haha how it entertains me to see u subhuman freaks suffering n voluntarily submitting to an early demise just to serve me Oh, and I`m smoking TWO cigarettes back-to-back, slave- just to test your resolve n usefulness as my royal ashtray! And u better swallow BOTH of my butts!

Queen Kasey

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, POV, Smoking, Fetish, Human Ashtray, Human Furniture, Executrix, Humiliation, Queen Kasey, Cigarette, Free

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