The Sounds Of His Flesh

The Sounds Of His Flesh

Hey big daddy, can u take it??? All our whipping? Well, u wanted it… U got it! And by two hot pornstars in latex outfits, Yum! I know I think Dominatrix Raven is looking good enough 2 eat and the fact that she is really enjoyng hurting a slave is turning me on even more!

Let’s see if I can identify which of his nasty little body parts u`re hittting just by the sounds of his flesh n the screams! LOL! He deserves 2 be ingored by me 4 a bit n I actually think I look cute in close up while Dominatrix Raven beats the slave repeatedly back there! But then we swich it up & I get my turn whipping this “so called” Big Daddy”. He’s more like my little bitch by the way he crumbles n quits at the end!

Mistress Nina Elle

Keywords: Femdom, Whipping, Humiliation, Latex, Female Domination, Mistress

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9 min

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