The W3!rd0 Gets His Name

The W3!rd0 Gets His Name

Well it’s new slave day at MGM and this one needs a name, haha! Mistress Harley and I were severly messing with this wimp before we were about 2 go 2 the pool n I think we accicently discovered his new name. It’s The Weirdo! haha! We just sat there slapping him in the face over n over & it kinda just came 2 us, LOL. Well that plus a lot of spitting on him. We literaly COVERED his face in our spit n he was just looking up at us with that hilarious wimpy weirdo face.

– Dominatrix Rand!

Keywords: Femdom, Spitting, Female Domination, Faceslapping, Humiliation, Randi

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