The World Has Changed

The World Has Changed

The battle of the sexes has reached its inevitable conclusion. Female beauty has won out, as even the most powerful men have thrown themselves at the feet of beautiful women n given up everything to be with them over n over throughout time. Over the years, men’s lust and desperation 4 the most beautiful women has eroded their position of power in the world. 100 years from now, in a new world, males are mostly ‘neutered’ and kept as workers n slaves 4 women. A few are kept to provide semen to allow women to re-produce, providing there cocks are big enough. Women have evolved through scientific advances 2 be stronger and more intelligent than weak males- males that they now keep like pets.

As a slave 2 your wife and her new female partner, u still have memories of the time when u n men were not deemed completely inadequate. (The lifespan 4 everyone has more than tripled now due to science n medical breakthroughs- even 4 slaves.) Looking up at your wife, u remind yourself of better days, but the pain of living the rest of your life on your knees as a completely broken, sex starved, neutered doormat to your superior ex-wife is such a humiliating n humbling experience. The only joy u get is the occasional excitement u feel from being teased by your wife’s amazing body. Watch as your wife and her new partner torment and tease u 4 all your failings n inadequacies!

Keywords: Femdom POV, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi, Boots

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