This Slave is Losing His Balls Part 1

This Slave is Losing His Balls Part 1

The ballbusting in this clip was particularly hard n brutal.

Courtney Cameron n little Michelle Peters have a slave bound in their dungeon. He is scheduled 2 lose his balls soon, because they don’t think he needs them anymore. Before they Nut him, they want 2 have some fun abusing his balls, and making him wish he never had any…

The two hotties brutalize Lance’s balls with hard kicks n knees.

This is one of the more brutal n painful ballbusting clips I have ever made. Being completely bound, I had no where 2 move too, and little Michelle kicks direct in the balls every time.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Teasing, Bondage, Emasculation Talk, Pantyhose, Free

356 mb
9 min


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