This Slave is Losing His Balls

This Slave is Losing His Balls

Courtney Cameron n little Michelle Peters have a slave bound in their dungeon. He is scheduled 2 lose his balls soon, because they don’t think he needs them anymore. Before they Nut him, they want to have some fun abusing his balls, and making him wish he never had any… then leave him dangling in chains, to think about them cutting his balls off.

Courtney Cameron n Michelle Peters return 2 Lance in the dungeon. They have had their fun abusing his nuts n watching him squirm, so now they don’t think he needs balls at all. Before they can Nut him, they want 2 fuck with his head one last time…

Michelle lubes up his cock, and Courtney teases him with her body. They tell him that he will be Nutted after he cums, and want 2 see him try to hold back while Courtney puts her perfect tits in his hand, face, and rubs her body against him. He does not stand a chance. When they think he is enjoying it too much, Courtney kicks him in the balls.

When Michelle gets tired of milking him, and gets excited about Nutting him, Courtney gets down on her knees in front of him n plays with her perfect breasts, asking him to cum all over them. He can’t take it and blows his load all over her perfect tits. Then the girls celebrate, and leave him bound while they go 2 get their surgical tools…

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