Throat Crush Afternoon

Throat Crush Afternoon

I like 2 test slaves devotion. It just amuses me. I want to see how willing they are 2 lay their life on the line 4 me- just because of my beauty. And because I TELL them to LOL.

I decide to test this one’s devotion by ordering it 2 lay face-up on the lounge chair n hang its head n neck over the edge- 4 me to STEP on! Full-weight. And it doesn’t even hesitate 2 obey my command- even after I explain to its face that I`m going to literally STAND on its THROAT full-weight just to see if its throat will crush or if its neck will break underneath my feet.

It is just an experiment 2 me, really. And the slave’s life doesn’t matter. And of course, it lays their like the inferior being that it is- and lets me stand on its neck- because I`m THAT far superior to it! (As it should be in my opinion!) I even casually make a phone call to one of my girlfriends while I`m standing on the assholes throat! LOL!

The dirt on the bottom of my sandals means more 2 me than this assholes life- and he knows it lol.

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