Tiffani & Becky Discover U are a Diaper Sissy

Tiffani & Becky Discover U are a Diaper Sissy

“Your diapers are so squishy! Did u make pee pee pampers? Let me give them a squeeze n check… Hmm… U are not wet… OH MY GOD. U made sticky-squirties all over your diapers! U must have made two or three cummies!… ‘Becky! Come in here! U have 2 see this!… Look what he did. He made big cum-cums all over his diapers. I wonder. Do u think he got all excited because u changed him? Because I haven’t changed him… WAIT. So, if u didn’t change him and I didn’t change him… OMG my boyfriend must have changed his diaper this morning! AWWW I think somebody has a crush on d-d-daddy! LOOK, he’s getting a stiffy from just being teased about it! HA HA!’ Did daddykins rub the lotion on your widdle weewee? Did he smear the diapey rash ointment in your pookie hole?…” Tiffani n Becky mock u 2 tears, tickling your tiny erection, making faces at u, and teasing u about the obvious crush u have on Tiffani’s boyfriend as they change your sticky diaper. Only a true diaper sissy would want 2 watch this video!

Keywords: Diapers, Diaper Fetish, Adult Diaper, Femdom POV, Humiliation, Princess Tiffani

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