Tiffani & Becky Humiliate the Diaper Dork

Tiffani & Becky Humiliate the Diaper Dork

So, here’s the deal, diaper dork. In this new video, I play your mean step-sis n Princess Tiffani plays my cheerleading teammate who was thinking about hooking up with u, until I tell her all about your diaper fetish. I tell Tiffani where u stash your clean diapers in your room, and then I show Tiffani where u hide the messy ones, too. Tiffani and I are going 2 humiliate u into making a soppy mess of yourself. Then Tiffani is going 2 change your diaper while I point and laugh at u. But 1st? We know that u`re a total diaper dork loser in real life. So, 2 watch this video? We want u wearing a super thick, extra crinkly diaper. So that u can make it all squishy 4 us 4 real. Got it?

Keywords: Princess Tiffani, Diapers, Adult Diaper, Diaper Fetish, Femdom POV, Free

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