Tiffani Diapers U: Becky’s Baby Boyfriend

Tiffani Diapers U: Becky's Baby Boyfriend

U listen 2 me, little man: If u think u are going 2 sit around all day playing video games, watching TV n surfing porn? U are going 2 do it wearing DIAPERS. 4 real. That’s the deal… Because, in this video I play your girlfriend Becky’s bossy co-worker best friend. When I come 2 pick up Becky 4 work, she’s late because u wet the bed again n Becky is about 2 change your diapers as if u are her baby instead of her boyfriend! Becky explains that u’ve had low self-esteem because u lost your job. Really? Aww. Boo hoo. Good thing I arrived when I did because Becky was about 2 give u a handjob with some baby lotion when she changed your diaper. No way! I convince Becky that u deserve 2 wear diapers n be treated like a baby all the time. Then I step in 4 Becky, wipe your pissy diaper butt, take your rectal temperature, powder u, lotion your little pecker n diaper u, scolding u n emasculating u the whole time. By the time I finish diapering n belittling u, including giving u a baby bottle, Becky agrees 2 go out 4 drinks with me after work so I can help her hook up with a real man, instead of coming home 2 her loser baby boyfriend in his squishy messy diapers.

Keywords: Princess Tiffani, Diapers, Adult Diaper, Diaper Fetish, Femdom POV

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