Tiffani Humiliates You on the Diaper Potty Chair – MP4 HD

Tiffani Humiliates You on the Diaper Potty Chair - MP4 HD

Your sitter Tiffani is about to potty train you on a very special potty chair. It has a detachable diaper – which can be taped around your waist once u go potty. So you better behave for your strict sitter Tiffani and follow her exact potty training instructions, no matter how belittling n humiliating, or else Tiffani might decide 2 parade you around in your stinky potty panties. Is that understood, little man? In this potty training lesson, Tiffani makes you drink a humiliating ba-ba as she teaches u 2 make your number three “goo-goo” cum-cums into the potty instead of your panties or pampers. It’s time for Tiffani to strip you n put you on your potty chair. Ready to make your cummies in the potty for Tiffani, as she mocks and teases you in ga-ga goo-goo talk? Or are u going to be a bad boy – who needs to do some dirty diadee detention time with his sitter Tiffani?

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