Tina Kay – Humiliated Human Ashtray

Tina Kay - Humiliated Human Ashtray

The beautiful Domina Tina Kay loves humiliating lowly male slaves 4 her amusement. With his head locked in a box n his arms bound underneath him, this poor slave is totally helpless as Tina spits in his mouth over n over again, sucking on a lollipop 2 generate even more spit. Once his tongue is thoroughly “lubed up” from the spitting, Tina lights a cigarette, then starts blowing smoke in the slave’s bound face. She orders him to stick his tongue out 4 her ashes; as the poor slave gags n chokes, flailing his legs helplessly, Tina can not help but laugh hysterically at his plight. Being the sadist that she is, Domina Lexi Sindel can’t help herself n has 2 join in, making the poor slave eat her ashes too! After ashing in his mouth several times, the Mistresses use his tongue to put out their cigarettes, burning his tongue again n again as the hot cherry gets smashed into his flesh until it goes out. Tina makes sure 2 examine the damage she n Lexi have inflicted, smiling the entire time.

Keywords: Femdom Empire, Femdom, Female Domination, Humiliation, Tina, Kay, Human Ashtray, Smoking, Spitting, Cigarettes, Free

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