Trample Agony

Trample Agony

Goddess Tangent and I explain to her that one of my FAVORITE ways 2 torture the slaves around here is by trampling them- just because it is so EASY! U literally just put on a pair of needle-thin stilettos- and STAND there. (On the slaves FRONT, of course, so it is more painful 4 them AND so they can stare up at your beauty- beauty that they can NEVER have! LOL). We walk 2 the front door n alternate talking down 2 the slave and then standing on the stupid “human doormat” laying right inside of the door. Then once we stand on him we casually chat about whatever we feel like, while ignoring the slave’s agony underneath us. We make sure 2 dish out some verbal abuse 2 the slave while we stand on him too of course, haha!

Princess Carmela

Keywords: Trampling, Female Domination, Extreme Domination, Humiliation, Femdom, Fetish

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