Trampled Near And Far (1080 HD)

Trampled Near And Far (720 HD)

So we know this is like the DREAM of all u pathetic slaves out there – to write in to Us at Mean Girls n be accepted as a slave at MGM. But let’s face it, most of u`re total pussies n are too scared. Some of u even write to us bragging about “how much u can take” – but then never back it up. (“Trample” slaves are the worst 4 this.) But not THIS slave! He actually had the GUTS to send his deposit in right away to PROVE that he was legit n drove all the way to California to be abused by us! So after we make him sign his liability waiver (haha) we throw him in the cage n read his pathetic, begging email 2 him to REMIND him of how much trampling he said he could take 4 us!

Then we proceed to trample the FUCK out of this loser. We handcuff his hands underneath him so he can’t touch our feet with his grubby little slave-hands no matter how HOW hard we drill our heels into him. We also lock his legs up. Then we both stand on his front at the same time in our heels 4 most of the clip, while just barely holding on to the doorway for balance. It was SO funny how much he was screaming in agony underneath us! LOL (Bella eventually had to gag him to shut him up.) Trampling is like my favorite way 2 t0rture slaves I think! It seems like it is the most painful – and it is SO easy 4 US! :)

Princess Beverly

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Princess Beverly, Bella, Princess Bella, Cage, High Heels, Trampling, Bondage

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29 min

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