Trapped as Macys Tease Toy Part 1

Trapped as Macys Tease Toy Part 1

Lance was previously seduced and from the hospital by Macy Cartel. Now he is bound naked 2 her dungeon wall, possibly forever. She has not let him cum in weeks, but has been teasing him relentlessly, watching his balls fill up with cum n become terribly blue.

She especially loves kicking him in his swollen blue balls, and wastes no time… She struts right over 2 him in her sexy tight dress n deadly heels n kicks him hard in the nuts, not listening 2 any of his begging or whimpering…

This clip is short, but the ballbusting is very hard, and Macy does a perfect job of teasing in between kicks, not caring at all how much she hurts her little tease toy. His balls are only 4 her entertainment.

– seriously hard kicks in this one

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Tease And Denial, Kicking, Knees

217 mb
6 min


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