Trixie Miss – Autobitch Mode

Trixie Miss – Autobitch Mode

What is autobitch mode? When I have you so well trained n triggered by me that all it takes is my presence, and you drop into subspace while your dick springs to attention. I easily push your buttons and have you obeying my commands without a single thought. There is no thinking in autobitch mode, only doing as you are told. I will have you so well trained in auto-bitch mode that you won’t ever need the troublesome burden of thinking while your dick is hard. You already know what to do, how to serve me, how to please me. Be a good autobitch bot and complete all of your tasks in here exactly as I say. I want to see how well-programmed youre.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Orgasm Control, POV, Miss Trixie

366 mb
15 min

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