True Sadism

True Sadism

Mistress Tangent is like a famous dominatrix and she came to Mean Girl Man0r 2 visit- I was so pumped! She promised that she was going 2 help me hurt some of the slaves during her stay. And I was SO excited to find out that it actually turns her ON to hurt slaves! Like, I thought it was just me that got a litle wet doing this stuff haha. So Mistress Tangent and I tell this house slave how much it actually TURNS US ON to HURT it- and we`re going 2 make it SUFFER us today! This is gonna be sooo much fun! He is nothing but a nice clean unmarked slate 4 us to whip as much as we want! We pull out our whips and tell it to literally BEG to suffer 4 us! (It is so much more fun when u make the losers BEG to be hurt by u- whether they really want 2 or not lol.) We then take turns whipping the slave. We actually enjoyed watching each other whip the loser lol. If u want to really watch two girls really enjoy filming a clip then watch us whip this slave! HE begs “no more please” (HAHA!!!) and then he gets whipped underneath by me from my long whip, LOL! It totally wraps around and gets him when he is expecting it just on his back, bwhaha! I love my videos! We just keep hitting him just to hurt him as much as we possibly can! We were both soaking wet by the end of this clippoor slave. But at least his suffering benefitted US! :)

Who else wants to come to Mean Girl Man0r and submit themselves to my sadistic LUST!??? LOL write in if u think u can TAKE it, slave! So much fun beating losers…

Princess Carmela

Keywords: Femdom, Whipping, Mistress

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