Trying Trampling (1080 HD)

Trying Trampling (1080 HD)

Small talk around the MGM always leads to the most interesting stuff. Just the other day I was venting to Princess Beverly about how I just want a loser to really beat on and hurt. Anyway, it turns out that she has this one that she has been storing for a few days in the “slave pen” out back! OMG I sooo wanna get my turn to hurt it! And in looking through its slave file, we find out that it has NEVER been trampled before! So we go out 2 its cage to torment it a bit and explain to this piece of meat how much we looove trampling slaves in our stilettos because it causes them sooo much pain – yet is SO easy for US! :) (It truly IS Princess Beverlys fav way to torture slaves.) So we unchain him and drag him inside, then take turns slowly showing him how easy it is for us to hurt him like this! I start with just my Uggs on because this slave is so little and I way a solid 145lbs – more than the slave does! But by the end of the clip we`re BOTH standing on him n wearing heels to cause maximum pain – until he is literally BEGGING us for mercy! And we just look down and laugh… This is a true life event – this slave has been whipped n ballbusted, but has never been trampled before and today is his first day. I guess slaves dont realize how much it hurts? Because whenever you step on a slave in heels for the first time you an just see the shock and instant agony in their eyeshaha! But Princess Beverly and I are going to make it really hard for him because he has said how much he wants to prove his worth and devotion to us as a pain slave for us to use in our clips. He went on to say he wants to take more than any other pain slave for us – and that is a bold statement if you know anything about MGM! LOL. To be honest, he was so small n scrawny that he couldnt really take very much. Especially with Beverlys brand new needle-thin metal heels and the way she kept rocking back all her weight onto them, sinking them deep into the slaves chest LOL! Poor little slave.

VIDEO EDITING SLAVES NOTE: This clip includes some close-up and some full-body footage. It was probably not the best clip because the slave could not take very much because he was so small. But for the time he was being stepped on it looked like he was in a lot of pain.

Goddess Harley

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Princess Beverly, Goddess Harley, Trampling, Extreme Domination, Trample, High Heels, Female Supremacy

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