Tug n Slap (1080 HD)

Tug n Slap (1080 HD)

We let the horny slave-dawgg out of his cage for a good old nut slappin good time. Princess Cindi and I truly love laughing sadistically at this new slave. He’s really young n kinda cute, so it makes t0rtur!ng him even more entertaining for us. We know he just came over 2 M to worship our feet but we ended up smacking his balls like a bazillion times anyway. I think the riding crops were more painful at 1st but when we switched to our bare hands, the pain was more “intimate” – so he could take it. Eventually we had to smack his dick because his balls were so sore he couldn’t take it! LOL! With us, just because u “can’t take anymore” doesn’t mean we will stop…we will just find a new way to abuse u! LOL

Princess Bella & Princess Cindi

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Cage, Princess Cindi, Bella, Young Mistress, Footworship, Foot Licking, Ball Abuse, Ballbusting

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9 min

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