Twenty One Kicks 4 Kendall

Twenty One Kicks 4 Kendall

So I went out 2 visit my good friend Kendall in Vegas 4 her birthday (of course, I made some loser SLAVE drive me the whole way n pay 4 the entire trip LOL) and she just HAD 2 see what all this slave stuff is all about. So I found some slave on collarspace, made him send a nice deposit 2 prove 2 me he was legit, and had him come 2 our hotel 2 get his balls kicked in! And Kendall even brought her girlfriend Adrianna 2 have some fun too! (I had never met her before.) And NEITHER of them had ever kicked a loser in the nuts before! So this was gonna be FUN

And since it was her birthday, we made the loser spread his legs nice & wide 4 Kendal so she could get a nice running start n kick them as hard as she wanted 4 her Twenty One`st Birthday! (I gave her a nice demo 1st, of course LOL.) And then we all just basically went 2 town on this piece of crapps nuts haha. Eventually I put him down on all fours like a dawgg so he could look up at how PERFECT I`m while Kendall delivers Twenty One kicks 2 his nuts from behind 4 her birthday! Do u think the slave can make it through all those kicks, or does Kendall break him? U`ll just need 2 watch the clip 2 find out, huh? ;)

I think giving a ballkicking slave 2 my girlfriend 2 abuse 4 her birthday is a great present! :)

Dominatrix Rodea

Keywords: Femdom, Young Mistress, Ballbusting, CBT, Ball Abuse, Brat Girls, Female Domination

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