Two Heels n Sneakers

Two Heels n Sneakers

So Princess Cindi and I decide to make one of our house slaves lick the dirt and FILTH off the soles of our shoes- just because we CAN, basically LOL. We just drag it out of the corner of the room in M3an G1rl Man0r where it was left by the last girl that used it (who knows how long ago that was??) Then we make it take our shoes off and WORSHIP our feet! And it BETTER do a good job too! Or ELSE… We just laugh right in its face about how lucky it is just 2 be able to kiss the FEET of girls like US. Cindi and I take turns literally WIPING OUR FEET ON ITS TONGUE.

Then at the end Cindi calls her girlfriend in that has been watching us from off-camera so she can join in. (This was totally unscripted, btw! Cindi just decided 2 bring her to M3an G1rl Man0r 2 watch the fun we have and decided that SHE should find out what it’s like to humiliate slaves by making them grovel at HER feet too! Haha.) And she has been wearing her super-old converse tennis shoes like all day with NO socks on… and we make him LICK the FILTH off her old tennis shoes while we ALL laugh at him! LOL sooo pathetic! We even make him lick the dirt off the BOTTOMS of her Converse while we mock him. Cindi’s friend Jordan got the BIGGEST kick out of it!

Mistress Harley

Keywords: Footworship, Foot Fetish, Dirty Feet, Shoe Fetish, Humiliation, Fetish, Femdom, Mistress, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi, Shoeslicking

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