Two thousand five hundred Dollar`s Cash Point Meet

Two thousand five hundred Dollar`s Cash Point Meet

My real finan slave came crawling back 2 me after flaking n being a dummy, haha. So I had him meet me during my filming at Mean. I made him send me a five hundred Dollar`s Amazon gift card ahead of time (not in the video – in real life) just 2 as a penalty 2 be invited back to the Manor so he could even be allowed the PRIVILEGE of kneeling before MY beauty n giving me MORE $$$! LOL! So he gave me two thousand eight hundred Dollar`s plus the five hundred Dollar`s gift card I made him send as proof that he was really going 2 show up. Oh plus another two hundred Dollar`s because I wasnt going 2 let a financial slave that begged 2 be wallet ra-ped go with any cash left in his wallet. What kind of service would I be doing him if I actually let him keep any money?? haha! After that I made him realize that this is only the down payment on the amount he will be paying me 4 the rest of his life, I sent him on his way. Poor little guy rode his bicycle all the way here 2 drop off all his cash 4 fifteen minutes then I just laughed in his face n sent him on his way back home. Pathetic. And totally OWNED by ME.

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Boots, Financial Domination, Femdom, Young Mistress, Goddess Worship, Brat Girls, Humiliation, Princess Cindi, Femdom, Findom

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