U Asked 4 It

U Asked 4 It

Pr1nc3ss B3lla and I start this video explaining that this slave begged us 2 do this exact thing to him. LOL! He really did ask to drink our spit n his cum.

So Bella and I spit in his cup right in front of him! The whole time we are reminding him that he is a slave that asked 4 this and 2 prove it he will soon be drinking OUR spit- like the reject SUB-human LOSER that he is compared 2 US!

But when u`re dealing with M3an G1rls, there is always a catch, of course! After we laugh at him 4 BEGGING 2 drink our spit like a total loser We demand that he cum in the glass of our spit before we will let him drink it! Honestly, We had 2 do it to really underscore that he is not a real man. No man would ever eat his own cum! So this loser totally left M3an G1rl Man0r realizing his place in life- as a pathetic beta male that will do ANYTHING hot girls like us tell him 2 do!

Pr1nc3ss Carm3la

***SIDE NOTE from The M3an G1rls: This loser wrote in to Us on email before coming here literally BEGGING to eat a bunch of cum-filled condoms from our boyfriends! LOL! Then, during this clip he fucking gave us backtalk and hesitated to even drink his OWN cum when we commanded him to! WTF??? Well, let us assure you that we DID force him to do as he was commanded and he DID really drink a big glass full of OUR warm spit AND his own filthy cum!! But we had to practically put a guun to his head to make him do it. (SOOO fucking ANNOYING!!!) Look SLAVES, do NOT write in to us begging and “promising” all this stuff to us, and then get here and try to get out of doing what you promised Us!!

Keywords: CEI, Spitting, Female Domination, Femdom, Humiliation

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