U exist 4 Me

U exist 4 Me

If u want 2 make Me happy… u need 2 do EXACTLY as I say – NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Look at Me look at this perfect body. u are not WORTHY of even looking at Me, let alone interacting with Me. I`m the entire reason u even exist. From the moment u were born, u were made 2 serve Me. U`re NOTHING without Me. Without Me, u don’t even exist. This is your higher purpose, your calling, the entire reason u were put on this earth was 2 SERVE ME. Every morning when u wake up, its 4 Me. Every night when u go 2 sleep, its 4 Me. Every thing u do in your life, is 4 ME. U exist 4 ME.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Teasing, Princess Lyne, Humiliation

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