U Wont Be Able to Fuck Anymore

You Wont Be Able to Fuck Anymore

Rachel DD heard that Kid Dynamite broke up with her best friend. Rachel and her bff dance at the same club, and dancers stick together, so Rachel tricks Kid Dynamite into meeting her in a hotel room. He thinks he is going 2 get to fuck his ex-girlfriend’s hot friend, but she has other plans…

She enters the hotel room in shiny pantyhose, high heels and a sexy dancer bottom. Her body is fucking amazing. Rachel climbs onto bed with him, and starts to get him all worked up. She teases him with her long pantyhose covered legs, high heels and PERFECT tits. She works him up 4 a couple minutes, posing her amazing body, flirting, teasing, then when he least expects it she nails him in the balls…

The brutality starts. She knees him hard, kicks him harder while he is down, and keeps going at his balls until she is convinced that he won’t be able 2 fuck anymore at all. After she breaks him, she makes him take off her high heels, and rams one in his mouth. “Suck it like a cock. It’s better than your tiny dick… Yeah, she told me u have a small dick…”

Kid Dynamite resists, but she puts her nylon covered foot on his balls and encourages him to suck that long heel like a cock. After humiliating him, she kicks him again, and leaves him on the floor in agony with broken balls.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Pantyhose, High Heels, Foot Fetish, Tease And Denial

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