Ultimate bully brat ball destruction

Ultimate bully brat ball destruction

Mistress B brought one of her small dicked slaves over 4 the beating. If u didn’t read about this asshole on her twitter I gave him a black eye before we all beat the sh!t out of his disturbingly small cock. I mean this thing is small, definitely a small clit at best. 4 having such a small dick and being a submissive bastard I decide we`re going 2 beat him down. But not just any beat down, we`re going to make him cry, beg 4 mercy n leave him sobbing uncontrollably in pain. We truly do not give a about his health or him. We begin beating him trusting hell leave his legs spread, but what guy leaves his legs open 4 ball busting? NONE that i have ever met! So I decide Ill just overpower him, hold his arms back n force his legs open. He is too weak 2 overpower me which makes the ball abuse Cheyenne n Miss B reign down on him all the more entertaining n aggressive. Once his fat ass gets too heavy I drop him to the floor, he begs 4 mercy, but we clearly do not speak punk ass bitch. I sit right on his face while we all take turns punching his small balls n cock. His screams are muffled by my ass, we wouldn’t want the neighbors 2 hear would we? He keeps wheezing in pain but truly we do not care, I man handle him to his knees when Cheyenne n B stomp the sh!t out of his balls. He begins 2 cry so I spit in his face showing him I`m disregarding his tears of pain. I throw him down 2 worship my feet but decide 2 give him a wedgie instead. With his balls exposed Cheyenne n B laugh as they kick his balls into his throat. He falls to the floor absolutely miserable, like we like him, seeing a little bitch in pain like that truly does make us laugh hysterically.

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