Used 4 Dick and Kneed in the Blue Balls

Used 4 Dick and Kneed in the Blue Balls

Sometimes even a domme needs some dick. Good thing Ophelia Rain has a male slave hanging from the ceiling with a raging boner from all her teasing and denial…

She tells him she’s going 2 use his cock to get her self off. She gets on her knees n teases him with almost putting hit in her mouth, then she stands up and turns around 2 just barely put the tip in her pussy.

Lance struggles 2 inch his throbbing cock into her wet pussy while she laughs at him 4 just barely not being able 2 reach. Then she grabs his cock n puts the tip in. He tries with every thing he has 2 put it all the way in while she giggles at him, and then pulls it out 2 squeeze his balls n smile.

After teasing him some more, she faces him and wraps her fishet legs around him, pulling him in balls deep. She stares him in the face with her smokey eyes, then laughs as he struggles 2 fuck her while bound.

Ophelia puts his cock in just the right spot inside her 2 reach her G spot, plays with her own clit n cums, on his dick. After she cums quickly, she kisses him pulls his cock out.

“I bet the balls ache don’t they? All filled with cum… Oh, what are u afraid off? [giggle]” She knees him in the hard in the nuts three times, then leaves him hanging from the ceiling.

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