Vanessa and Kyle Sexy Teasing Girlfriend

Vanessa and Kyle Sexy Teasing Girlfriend

Vanessa Vixon just got home from the gym. She’s wearing a leotard, fishnets, socks n sneakers and she’s sweaty n horny. She tells her boyfriend Kyle that she wants to suck his dick, but she wants to do something else 1st…

Vanessa loves to break balls. Since she’s been with Kyle, she’s been fantasizing about kicking him in the balls, giving him blue balls, and even Nutting him. It’s all she thinks about, and now she’s about 2 put her fantasy into action.

She tempts him with a blow job, but only if he’ll let her have some fun with “some new tricks she learned at the gym…” She kicks n knees him in the nuts, thoroughly enjoying herself the whole time. Vanessa knows that she’s going to need to manipulate Kyle to keep her game going, so she teases him with her sexy body the whole time.

Once he’s bewildered and laid out on the floor from all the pain, she sits on his crouch, squeezing his balls while she shoves her dirty sweaty feet in his face, making him worship her dirty socks while she giggles…

The fun has just begun. Vanessa leaves him on the ground, only to return n abuse him some more.

Kyle is hanging on the couch; recovering from the sore nuts treatment Vanessa recently gave him. She walks up on him, and tells him she’s horny again. She pulls out a vibrator, and starts 2 go 2 town, putting her sexy crotch up against his with the vibrator on her clit over her really tight grey leggings.

She presses her bare feet against his balls, telling him how horny it makes her to think about crushing n popping his balls. She presses harder with her feet, and squeezes his nuts with her hand while he can’t do anything but hope she’ll cum soon, and maybe let him cum too…

No love 4 Kyle. As soon as she cums, she gets up, steps on his throbbing boner n tells him to take a cold shower n enjoy the blue balls.

Vanessa Vixon comes home 2 find Kyle on the couch again. Now she’s dressed to in a super tight black mini dress, shiny pantyhose n high heels. Never mind that she’s been out getting attention from everything with a dick, she’s home, and it’s time to torment her boyfriend…

She’s been keeping him from cumming, she’s been busting his balls, but now she wants to see just how much he can take. She strips him down naked, lubes up his cock, and brings him right to the edge of orgasm. He’s dying 4 release, but she won’t give it to him. She completely owns his manhood n knows it. Vanessa tells Kyle that he won’t be cumming this time, then she brings him to the edge n back, and leaves him with the bluest balls of his life.

Kyle’s balls are blue n sore. He hasn’t been able to cum in a very long time, and his girlfriend, Vanessa, has been making sure that he’s tormented by arousal at every opportunity possible. She’s been walking around the apartment in tight n skimpy outfits, driving him crazy. Teasing his cock, and when he gets hard, she kicks him in the balls. Evil, pure evil… with perfect tits and a sweet smile…

Now the day has finally come. Vanessa is going 2 give her boyfriend release. She’s going to milk the cum out of his sore balls all over her tight black leggings. But as soon as he cums, he’s going 2 realize that her sexy legs tightly around his cock while she milks them are there 4 a reason. Vanessa plans to rip his dick off with her sexy legs, right after he cums…

Kyle is slightly relieved that it’s finally over, so he doesn’t even put up a fight while Vanessa threatens to rip off his cock.

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