Venus !n fur

Venus !n fur

MC has reprised her role as the beautiful n cruel Venus in Fur. Looking amazing in a stunning fur n boots & with a large selection of whips 2 hand n a new slave she indulges herself in very extreme n painful full body whipping. Her slave is led into her saloon n secured 2 the whipping rack before she indulges in some hard nipple play and spanking before the whipping begins. Venus works her way through her vast collection of whips progressively using stronger n heavier whips as the intensity increases. Eventually satisfied with the web of marks she has created on the slaves back n legs he is turned around 4 a full frontal body whipping n Venus pays particular attention 2 his cock, balls n nipples. He is turned around again n the bull whips are applied 2 his back. The slave writhes in agony as a variety of bullwhips are applied in the most extreme n sadistic body whipping session ever. He is eventually released n allowed 2 kiss Venus boots, but there is more pain 2 come as the bull whip cuts deep into his flesh as he grovels n crawls across the floor trying 2 kiss his Mistresses boots.

Keywords: Femdom, MC, Fur, Fetish, Bondage, Caning

Rar (include six(6) .mp4 clips)
2.59 Gb
53 min

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