Watermelon Humiliation

Watermelon Humiliation

WARNING: Do Not Watch if u`re offended by racial humiliation fetishes!!!!!

My fried chicken and grape drink loving n***er gets him some good old fashion watermelon as a treat 4 being a good slave for me today. He just finished cleaning my bathroom and even licking the dirt off the bottom of my filthy shoes – like a good boy. The least I can do is give him a bit more humiliation before I kick him back out on the street. So I throw some leftover watermelon on the dirty ground, step all over it with my shoes, and crush it with my high heels. And I make my black slave eat watermelon off the GROUND at my FEET. LOL SOOO funny tow watch him grovel and lap it up before his SUPERIOR.


Keywords: Femdom, Interracial-Domination, Interracial, Shoe Fetish, Shoeworship, Humiliation, Mistress Worship, Degradation

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