We Party U Stay at Home

We Party U Stay at Home

This loser literally begged 2 come over just drop off some cash 4 us. Well here is his big chance to show us how pathetic he really is. This is a real loser giving us real cash! Haha! Its not much but at least we filmed it so we can show u that we really do have cash point meets 4 our losers. My Sister n I are going 2 spend the money he gives us in this video when we`re out to dinner tonight and we`re ordering this slave 2 go home and jerk 2 us. He has to immediately leave our presence and go home n stark jerking to our videos until we are done with our plans at about 2AM. We told him this is as close to a date with either of us as he will ever get LOL! He pays for us 2 go out while he stays home at the same time. When the date is over we will text him that he can stop jerking now and go 2 sleep, haha! If u want 2 send us cash to date us like this we will use u 4 all the cash u have and order u 2 jerk while we`re out spending it all! Haha! A loser date 4 a loser! Muah!

Dommes Rodea

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