We`re Superior Now

We`re Superior Now

Th3 y3@r !s 2016 n white guilt has now allowed racial equality 2 come full circle. White males are now officially slaves 4 black women 2 use n abuse however they want. (White males had so much “guilt” that they actually voted 4 this!) And Obama even officially signed it into law as part of his “reparations bill” just prior 2 stepping down from office. Saucha – a strong black woman -now makes this old white man strip, kneel, BEG 4 her mercy, and then demands that he allow her 2 whip him! He must suffer 4 all whites! She makes him beg 2 be whipped harder 4 all the sins of the past. She even makes him thank her 4 the red stripes on his back. She breaks him n makes him beg 2 serve as her slave 4 the rest of its miserable life n worship her superior feet.

Dominatrix Saucha

Keywords: Femdom, Whipping, Interracial Domination, Boots, Humiliation

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