Whipped 2 Tears!

Whipped 2 Tears!

Arab Pig is helplessly bound 2 the chair in My Hotel room. When asked, what his limits were over his Skyp3 interview he said he had NONE and I could do what ever I wanted with him so I did. Slave is beat Red hot Red until he is literally in tears calling cut n begging me 2 stop. I can’t help but smile n smirk once in a while. I can quickly see my fempet is in a lot of pain but that doesn’t mean I stop nor take it easier on him. Hope this teaches not only this pet but all newbie Femepets 2 choose their words very wisely because I will push u 2 limits u didn’t even know u had. I`m a truly merciless n wickedly strong Mistress and I will teach u how 2 serve me properly 4 HD CLICK Whipped 2 Tears!

Keywords: Femdom, Whipping, Mistress, Female Domination, Extreme Domination

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9 min

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