Whipped 2 Shreds

Whipped To Shreds

Ahh, a nice fresh piece of meat with not a single blemish was just delivered 2 us – 4 us to whip as much as we wanted! (SO much fun 4 us! And such a GOOD, young, OBEDIENT slave for us to use!) It’s so hiliarious 2 see how torn up his skin got as we laughed n laughed. (Check out the closeups at the end of all the whip marks we made all over him!) He screams & screams throughout the video – and even drops 2 the floor, obviously hoping 4 mercy – but it never comes. We all just want to outdo each other n see who can inflict the most pain on him! LOL! It is so funny 2 us that we`re SO hot that losers like this will literally let us do ANYTHING we want to them just 2 be allowed around us – even if we literally whip them to shreads n laugh at them the entire time while we`re doing it. Oh and then at the end – “4 his own good” and cuz we “care” about our slaves so much (NOT!) – We all spray him down with antiseptic spray that BUURNS!!! LOL!! (Ok, obviously we do it just so we can further indulge our sadistic desires to make this slave SUFFER 4 us! HAHA!

Princess Cindi, No and Princess Carmela

Keywords: Female Domination, Whipping, Corporal Punishment, Female Domination, No, Princess Cindi, Young Mistress, Mistress, Carmela, BDSM, Humiliation, Femdom

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