Wrestling Bet Part 1

Wrestling Bet Part 1

JC Simpson is on the mat with a guy who she thinks is cute, but can’t possibly beat her. He doesn’t think he could possibly be beat by a girl…

She bets him that who ever taps out the most times in Ten minutes loses, and whoever wins gets 2 do whatever they want. The guy makes it clear that he wants 2 fuck her “when” he wins… JC just plays along, then DOMINATES him on the mat…

She grapples a little dirty, going 4 his balls from time 2 time, but legitimately our wrestles him Nine times out of Ten. The one time the guy gets the jump on her, he does manage 2 pull her leotard down 2 expose her perfect titties…

After JC wins, she lets him know what she wants, 2 abuse the fuck out of his balls, which she does, but it makes her horny… what will she do next?

2 be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Wrestling, CBT, Ball Squeezing, Grappling, Pantyhose, Leotard, Teasing And Denial

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12 min

Part 2


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