You’re Not Allowed To Date Anymore

You’re Not Allowed To Date Anymore

I’ve decided that u don’t need to date anymore. Trying to date women is a waste of your time and your time is my time. You have nothing to offer a woman in a normal relationship, so just stop, stop embarrassing yourself, stop wasting your time. I`m the only woman you need. U can serve me, worship me, adore me and fall in love with me. That’s far more than you could ever hope for in a normal relationship. I understand you, I know what u need.

Your time is better spent on me than dating n trying 4 a relationship that will end up failing. U know all of your other relationships have failed. That’s why u are all alone. So just stop trying n give in to what you are. No more distractions from me, no more pretending to be normal. Just accept that u are not normal and the only type of relationship you will ever have that will succeed will be with a dominant woman like me.

Why would u want 2 date any other woman anyway when you have me, and you already are in love with me. Since u are too stupid to realize that u have a good thing, I’m just going to control you and tell u that you can’t date anymore, ever. I`m all u need. This is how your life is going to be and u are just going to learn to accept it. No more dating, just obsessing over me, dedicating your life to me. You’ll be sending me flowers n paying 4 me 2 go out on dates with men instead of paying for yourself to go out on useless dates. U are going to be spoiling me. Instead of trying to fuck, u are going to stay home n watch my clips n jerk for me. That is sex 4 u now.

I should just cut off your whole non existent social life. I want u thinking only about me. Your life should be spent dedicating it to me instead of trying to pretend that u are a normal person. A vanilla relationship is never going to fulfill you. You know the cycle u go through. You find some girl you like, it seems great, and then a month or two into it, you’re back watching me again because you need me to manipulate u and put you in your place n she just can’t do that for you. You need me to tease you and deny you and to take your money. You know this is what you need, stop fighting it. Otherwise u`re not fulfilled sexually.

Miss H

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