You Want To Be Perfect And Girly, Just Like Me

You Want To Be Perfect And Girly, Just Like Me

While this clip is not a traditional mesmerize clip, it has hypno undertones, it is set to trance like music, and is constructed to brainwash u.

I want to show you how weak n pathetic you`re. You have a lot of secrets but this one is a special secret. I am so perfect, and I look like a woman, because I`m. You look like a man, but inside you are a girl. You love shiny leggings, nail polish, lipstick, panties, and all of this girly stuff. Dont think. I am here to turn you into my perfect girlfriend. Yes because I want a girlfriend n you can be my perfect girlfriend. Dont you want that too? Of course you do. You will love it.

Look at how perfect n girly I`m, you want to be perfect and girly too. You want to be me. Look at my nails, look at my high heels, you want to look like this. Im your Mistress n you love to be like me. I know exactly what u need. I will transform you. From your skin, to your clothes, to your makeup, I will give you a complete makeover n make you so girly, just like me.

Look at how sexy and girly Im as I mindfuck you with my words. Its so easy to brainwash you into my perfect sissy girlfriend. You just look at me n listen to my words and it all comes so easily for u now. Youre going to look so sexy, so amazing n u`ll love how you feel once youve been transformed. I cant wait to see how sexy you look.

Do you see my high heels? You should also be in very slutty high heels. It will make you feel so sexy and so girly, just like me. I am destroying the man inside of you, leaving you as a desperate sissy slut, only capable of bimbo girly thoughts n dress. You will be my perfect girlfriend. I cant wait to see how you turn out. I know this is your dream and I cant wait for you to realize your dreams and reach your full potential. Worship n obey.

Goddess Isabel

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, POV, Goddess Isabel, Isabel, Free, High Heels, Dirty Talk, Crossdresser, Forced Crossdressing, Sissy Training

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