You Will Be My Ashtray – Mistress Cloe

You Will Be My Ashtray - Mistress Cloe

#1 CLIP in category HUMAN ASHTRAY!

”Well slave, unfortunately I forgot an ashtray so u`ll be my ashtray now!”, Mistress Cloe says as she lights up her cigarette. But that was only a rhetorical information. As she passed that slave on her way 2 the suites, the mean beauty knew she would stop n abuse that slave who is so nice attached to the stairrail by his collar. Now, she stands on the stair, high above him. Cloe looks so hot n stunning in her skin tight jeans, black designer stiletto heels, a tight blazer n black leather gloves. She wears perfect make-up n she looks down at the slave with so much arrogance. “Open”, she commands n drops her ash on his tongue. Everytime he moans in pain she reminds him to keep quiet because she wants 2 enjoy her cigarette. She bends over n blows the smoke into his face. Isn’t that a lucky slave who is so close to a stunning lady? But on the other hand, the painful end is just to come…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Cloe, Sado-Ladies, Smoking, Gloves, Fetish, Human Ashtray, Mistress, Cigarette, Glove Fetish, Jeans Fetish

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