Young-Goddess-Club – Luna Rival, Sephora – My First Ballbusting Session

Young-Goddess-Club - Luna Rival, Sephora - My First Ballbusting Session

Since his majority, Jim is a follower of the ballbusting that he practices with girls of venal n vicelard cities. When he does not burst the balls at the bottom of the cellars, Jim spends his time surfing the internet looking for ballbusting videos, everything goes, social networks, forums, as long as the balls pass. And then 1 day, Jim discovers Young Goddess Club’s Goddess, an enchantment, a revelation. Only holding and listening to his courage, he sends his candidacy for a next shoot.

After having hit 8 hours in carpool, Jim finally arrives at the dungeon Marquis de Sade in Paris, everyone is there, and there are some people, besides the technical team, we count the Star of the X, Luna Rival and Goddess Sephora that no longer presents. After the usual introductions, Dominatrixes, Jim and his balls, the 2 perverts start to take a serious interest in the three-piece costume of their guest of 34. Unlike Niko the maso – unable to have an erex both his tail has been demolished – Jim band as the pain radiates in his bruised nuts, it does not take less for both vicious develop a plan to enjoy their submissive… When pain and enjoyment go hand in hand, then we think that the gates of paradise may well be on earth.

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